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Mothering Mondays

Mothering Mondays was created for YOU.
Join us on Monday's to receive love and nurturing for women with social anxiety, depression, survivors of family violence and other life controlling behaviours.

Mothering Monday’s is committed to behavioural change with a strong focus on empowering YOU to find YOUR personal strengths and capabilities whilst supporting YOU to address insecurities and perceived inadequacies to help improve gender equality where we will build lives and transform communities - YOURS!

Mothering Monday’s will include:
empowering learnings such as conflict resolution, budgeting, buying a house, growing your self esteem, self-care, meditation and exercise and group discussions

Lunch, morning tea etc will be provided.
Child minding will be available.

contact us today on (03) 9369 6873 or by email for more information about this life transforming program that starts on Monday October 10th at 10am for 12 weeks

Download the session outlines here

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